Focus on Jesus Christ

Introduction to Revelation

READER: On Fridays over the next fourteen months I will be posting devotional reflections on the book of Revelation. Revelation can be intimidating and for that reason is too often ignored. My prayer is that through these reflections you will gain meaningful life truth and better know your magnificent Lord. The first reflection below is an introduction to the entire book.

In a world overflowing with distractions and delusions,
empty threats and false hopes,
focus on what God is doing through Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the sovereign, creative Word of Almighty God.
Whatever God wills,
His Son Jesus brings about.
The Father speaks, and
the Son makes it reality.
If you want to know what is going to happen in our world,
focus on Jesus Christ.
He is the future of all creation.

If you want to know our destiny as a race and
your personal destiny as a believer,
focus on Jesus Christ.
He is the Second Adam,
the first of an entirely new human family.
As He is revealed,
we are revealed in Him.
As He is,
we will be.

Jesus Christ is our past, present, and future.
He is our Source and our Goal,
the spring from which we have come and
the ocean toward which we are flowing.

If you want to understand the past,
focus on Jesus.
It points to Him.
If you want to understand the present,
focus on Jesus.
He is what our loving Father wants for us today.
If you want to understand the future,
focus on Jesus.
All reality is moving toward Him.

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Hymn: Image of the Unseen God
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  1. Ruby Ruschhaopt says:

    What — mire Revelations. Just kidding. This is good , Ken. Look forward to following this on Fridays.

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