The Father’s Children

from the book, ONE WITH OUR FATHER
John 1:10-14; 3:18-21

The Word became flesh and walked among us
in the power, love, and wisdom of the Father.
Yet most who saw the incarnate God
stumbled at Him.
The Son came to the world He had created and
walked among His own people,
yet they refused Him.
His hometown rejected their famous son and
in anger tried to kill Him (Luke 4:18-30).
The most religious people of the day,
the ones who seemed to know God the best and
follow Him the most diligently,
considered the Son a charlatan, a fake, and a devil.
They saw undeniable signs.
They watched as He repeatedly demonstrated
unearthly authority
over demons, disease, and death.
Still they vehemently denied Him.

Most people who see the Light
run from it and cling to the darkness.
Their deeds are evil, and
the Light seems a threat.

But with those who simply turn to Him and trust Him,
the Son shares His own beautiful relationship
with the Father.
He gives them the right to become
children of God.
He shares with them
the life,
the love,
the oneness
He shares with the Father.

Realize who you are.
You are not your occupation or your abilities.
You are not your gender, race, or social status.
You are not your past.
You trusted Christ, and
now you are becoming like Him.
Look to Him.
He is your present and your future.
With Him, you are a beloved child of Almighty God,
your Papa, your Father.
You are His heir and His treasure. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: We Are Children
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