We Are Complete in Christ

Father, You have gone to such lavish lengths
to help us know You.
This entire universe –
vast and majestic,
powerful and intricate –
speaks of You and
sings of You.
You made us part of this world so we could
hear its every whisper.

You speak of Yourself through Your Word.
Its stories, songs, prophecies, and poems show You
creating and giving,
working and teaching,
forgiving, loving, and even dying for us.

Your promises and pictures of Your coming Messiah
were particularly vivid and varied.
He was to be a full and final revelation of Yourself.
Yet when He came, even those steeped in Your Word were
confused, and
even shocked
by Who He was and
Who You are.

You and Your amazing love overflow
every image,
every metaphor, and
every name we have for You.
Creator God, You are more than we can imagine You to be.

Yet we know this:
All You are is complete in Jesus Christ, and
we will be complete in Him.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Complete in Jesus Christ
Printed Music & Lyrics

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