In the Silence

Psalm 62

Father, I live in the endless, all-enveloping noise of
my plans and my desires,
my success and my failures,
my health and my comfort,
my time and my obligations,
my money and my possessions,
my ambitions and my problems,
my job,
my relationships, and
my satisfaction.
All these desperately, perpetually cry for attention,
shouting their
empty threats and
empty promises.
All are too small and too shallow to
harm or
my life in You.

Father, I turn from them and
turn to You,
the All-encompassing One,
the All-sufficient,
the All-in-all.
In the quietness, I find You to be
all joy,
all hope,
all truth,
all goodness, and
all peace –
all I could ever want or need.
So in this endless, all-enveloping silence
I wait and hope,
I move and rest
in You. 

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Hymn: Psalm 62
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