1 Corinthians 12

Father, in the Church,
in Your Body,
we flinch at our diversity.
How often we wish that others weren’t so painfully different than us!
If only “they” were as enlightened as we are!

But You remind us that diversity is a blessing,
a good and perfect gift
from You, our all-wise, all-loving Father.
How could we function as a Body without
tough bones,
angular elbows,
stretchy tendons, and
sensitive nerve cells?
Diversity enables us to
be who we need to be as a whole.
Diversity is given to
nurture our unity,
not destroy it.
We need each other!
We need our differences!

In the Body of Christ there is no place for
partisanship or
self-centered pride.
Individually, each of us is
small and
Only together,
only in our
ever-challenging variety
are we the Body of the glorious, universal Christ.

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Hymn: One in Jesus
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