Living in a Saturday World

A Reflection for the Easter Season 

I am an Easter Sunday person
living in a Saturday world.
The resurrection is still a hope for tomorrow.
Today the tombs are still full.
Today the world is still dark,
aching for the dawn.

With Jesus,
my death is still a brutal reality.
With the disciples,
I still grapple with weakness and uncertainty.
With Mary,
I deeply grieve the seeming loss of one
inexpressibly precious to me.
With Peter,
I still mourn my shameful failures.
I mourn my inconsistency.
I mourn the dimness of
my vision,
my faith,
my love.
The truth is so vast and glorious,
yet I am so small and cold.
I am a follower of Jesus Christ
yet so very unlike Him.

But today,
right now,
in the grip of all this Saturday darkness,
the debt for all my wickedness
is completely, forever paid.
Today Almighty God intimately shares with me His own Holy Spirit
every time I ask and trust.
Today I am His –
His child,
His treasure.
Today my life is hid with Christ in God.
Today my future is secure.
Today my eternal life in Him
has already begun and
will never end.

So today, throughout this long Saturday,
I will rejoice in the resurrection
as one who already sees the light peak above the horizon.
Thanks be to God!
Thanks be to You, my God,
for Your unspeakable Gift!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Christ Is Alive! We Live in Him!
Printed Music & Lyrics


  1. Larry Wayne Rich says:

    Having known Ken and Gloria ever since we moved here after my 2nd U.S. Air Force enlistment ended with an Honorable Discharge, our families were joined together in common local church membership and worship. Ken’s on-going growth as a leadership as a Sunday School teacher, choir member (along with his wife, Gloria), music writer and publisher, scholarly researcher of the Word, and his resolve to be obedient to the call of God to bear witness to the Word at work in his heart and life continues to set a holy example for me. His wife and family have been pillars of service within the Church of the Nazarene, even as both of them have worked both outside and within the home. They are a strong

  2. Larry Wayne Rich says:

    My first comment “triggered” as a before I meant it to. I was saying that they are such strong example of Jesus Christ at work in, not only their own lives, but our denomination. It has been both mine and my wife’s privilege to serve with them and to count them as friends.

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