Holding Nothing Back

Philippians 2:1-18

Father, I want to live today out of the
the living wisdom of Your Son Jesus,
the constant presence of Your Holy Spirit, and
the loving compassion that flows freely from You.

Enabled by these resources,
help me pour myself completely into the welfare of Your people, especially
those who live around me,
those You have entrusted to my care.

As I serve them in Your name,
give me the mind and Spirit of Christ.
He willingly gave up
all His glory,
all His rights, and
all His advantages.
He emptied Himself,
taking upon Himself the status of a servant.
He clothed Himself in
our lowliness,
our helplessness,
our suffering.
His obedience went all the way to a brutal, humiliating death.
He held nothing back.

Father, as Christ obeyed, help me to obey
in faith,
without fear or hesitation.
Help me to make Your purpose
my only purpose.
Today help me pour myself out completely
as an offering to You,
for the welfare of Your dearly loved children.

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Hymn: As You Love
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