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Prepare for Lent

Father, this Lent,
show me the path that Jesus walked,
that I may walk in His steps.

I see His life of love.
I see His beautiful, unbroken relationship with You.
I see His fruitfulness,
His abounding joy and
His unbroken peace
in the midst of self-sacrifice, and
I want to follow.
Wherever He leads me, Lord,
I want to go.
Through repentance,
through temptation,
through self-denial,
I want to walk
with Him
in You, Father.

I will walk the road to the cross,
as long as He
goes before me and
walks with me,
as long as
He leads and
He enables.

This Lent, Father,
show me Jesus.
Make me one with Jesus.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Hear His Call
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