As We Live in Christ

As we live in Christ,
we share His relationship with the Father.
We share their love
for each other and
for every human being.

As we live in Christ,
we share His bond of love with
all those He loves and
all those who love Him.
As we become one with Him,
we become one with all those who are His.
All our relationships now go through Him.
He is the unseen partner in each one.
We learn to love others because
He loves them and
we love Him.

As we live in Christ,
we grow to love as He loves,
show compassion as He shows compassion,
be patient as He is patient,
absorb wrongs done to us as He absorbed them,
forgive as He forgave.
In loving all those around us, He is
our master,
our model,
our standard,
our source, and
our goal.

Wives, husbands,
children, parents,
bosses, employees,
friends, enemies –
as we live in Christ,
we love each one with the
persistent love of Christ.

As we trust Christ,
we live in Him,
and love is the very breath of His heart.
As we trust Christ,
He fills our beings with His own loving Spirit.
His Spirit helps us love everyone
in Christ,
for Christ,
like Christ,
as loving Christ Himself.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Live and Love and Grow in Christ
Printed Music & Lyrics

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