Consider This Gift

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (2 Corinthians 9:15, NIV)

This Gift is a treasure,
but more than a treasure.
This Gift is a man,
but more than a man.
He is a shepherd,
but more than a shepherd.
He is a mighty warrior come to deliver His people,
a healer come to take away all our diseases,
a priest come to bring His people to God.
But He is infinitely more than
any and all of these.

He is the heir of all worlds,
the Lord of all Lords.
He is the Second Adam,
the first of an entirely new human race.
He is the God-Man,
uniting earth and heaven.
He is the perfect sacrifice,
purchasing eternal life for all who trust Him.
He is the fullness of God, and
God’s fullness in us.
He is God’s own Son,
come from God’s own heart.
He is the love of God,
tenderly given
to each and every one of us.
He is Jesus Christ.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Jesus
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