In Suffering

Father, You gave Your precious, only Son to suffer for us sinners.
Self-sacrifice was Your loving will for Him.
It is Your loving will for each of Your children.
It is Your loving will for me.
When I suffer as Your child,
I share more fully in the beautiful work of Christ.
I share more fully in Him.
I share more fully in You.

Father, I crave relief.
I humbly ask You for it and trust You to give it
in Your perfect way,
in Your perfect time.

Until then, I commit myself to Your care
as Christ committed Himself when He suffered.
You are always love,
You are always good, and
You are always with me.
When suffering comes to Your children,
it is always a transition,
never a destination.
Suffering is always temporary.

So, Father, as Your child,
I trust You,
I look to You, and
I wait on You.
Use this to Your glory.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Father, in This Suffering
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