Blessed by Problems

A small computer problem evolved into a massive computer problem. It dragged on for a week, absorbing much of my time and attention, before finally sending my faithful old computer to an unexpected grave. Then came the transition time as I waited on my new computer to arrive, then worked with my programmer-daughter to get set up and operational.

During this painful time when my routines were totally disrupted, the Lord taught me several valuable lessons.


My work as a writer involves transitional times – brief periods when I decompress and prepare my mind to move from one task to another. Normally such transitional times are filled with diversions, like Facebook or computer games. They absorb my attention without taxing my mind, so I find them helpful. But without my computer, I turned my spare moments more often to prayer. Such “simple prayer” throughout the day helps me fellowship with God more naturally and constantly. God used my computer problems to draw me closer to Himself.

Thank You, Father. Continue to draw me and teach me.


As a writer, I definitely missed my computer as a work tool. But the Lord kept me productive without it. He led me to write a hymn, Our God Came to Visit. Hymn-writing is less computer-dependent than other types of writing.

He also led me to do even more Bible study than usual. A meditative study of Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12 was particularly meaningful and refreshing.

God uses our human tools but is never dependent on them.

Patient Endurance

Patient endurance is one of the most precious but least sought Biblical virtues. When our discomfort absolutely MUST stop but doesn’t, we patiently endure. My computer situation exercised this valuable quality.

Father, You are good. You bless us in unexpected ways, even through our suffering.

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