One by One

Our magnificent God created the entire physical universe with a word. His sovereignty is so complete that He simply expresses His will, and matter obeys.

When Jesus came, surely He could have healed the same way. With just a word He could have healed an entire village, an entire nation, the whole world. But He did not. He healed personally, individually, one by one.

He healed in many different ways. Healing was not a technique but a personal exchange. He always established personal contact with the one requesting the healing, whether with the needy person or their representative (sick people often can’t speak for themselves). From the petitioner, there was an expression of faith. Then from Jesus, a word…a look…sometimes a touch…and a changed life.

Jesus shared the Father’s love person to person, face to face. How else could you fully express such a deep, personal, intimate love?

He calls us, His servants and friends, to express God’s love the same way to each of His loved ones all around us: person to person, one by one. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: One by One
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