Is the Bible Accurate?

Looking back over my life, I’ve found the Bible satisfying intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. It has brought me comfort, direction, inspiration, correction, and daily strength. It has brought wisdom to my ignorance and perspective to my narrowness. I’ve tried it and found it accurate to the last detail.

Looking back over history, people of a variety of cultures, personalities, and life situations have tried the Bible just as I have. They, too, have found it reliable, accurate, and satisfying. Many have died for it.

Looking back over that same history, human knowledge in any age has proven to be substantially inaccurate and woefully inadequate. It’s been shot through with ignorance, arrogance, and stubborn blindness. It’s been seriously distorted by self-interest and by the passing winds and fads of the times.

We have every reason to believe that our knowledge and our basic assumptions will prove no better than in the past.

Is the Bible accurate? It’s stood the test of time. It’s stood the test of life.

Is the Bible outdated? It certainly doesn’t keep in step with whatever ideas are currently popular. That’s how it avoids becoming dated.

For example, the Bible speaks with a degree of authority that isn’t considered intellectually respectable today. Many believe that there is no absolute truth, especially morally. Everything is relative. The Bible flatly states otherwise.

But don’t take my word for what it says. Read it for yourself. You’ll find it an incredible, intriguing book. It’s full of stories, history, poetry, laws, prophecies, letters, and very practical advice.

It’s an honest book – probably the most honest you’ll ever read. Even its greatest heroes are shown with all their warts unretouched. There they are in all their humanity. The Bible shows life as it really is . . . but also as it can be.

You’ve heard about it. You’ve heard people praise it, mock it, fight over it, and try to reason around it.

Read it for yourself.

Time and change sweep away almost everything – social movements, political parties, fashions, lifestyles, even scientific beliefs. Yet as each generation has discarded what seems outmoded and has clung to what seems valuable, the Bible has endured, for thousands of years.

Find out why generation after generation, culture after culture, person after person of every age, personality, education level, and political preference have called it THE WORD OF GOD. 

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