Forced Fasts

Many times in my life I’ve looked back and realized that God had taken something away from me, often temporarily, in order to make me more dependent on Him.

Fasting normally refers to doing without food for a time in order to focus more on God. But God sometimes forces us to do without other things for a while in order to draw our eyes more singly to Him. He may take away financial security, success, close relationships, health, or even a general sense of comfort and well-being.

Older writers would say that God is separating us to Himself. It is a common experience for God’s servants. Through such times of spiritual formation God is making us more like His Son Jesus. Read the Gospel of John, and you’ll get a sense for how Jesus focused His eyes on the Father alone, depending on Him constantly and completely for everything He said and everything He did.

Is God leading you through such a forced fast? He is separating you more completely to Himself. He is expressing His love for you. Bring your needs and concerns to Him, then rest in His care. Be content, trusting Him to bring relief in His way and time.

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