When We Worship

Almighty, Sovereign God,
when I worship You from my heart, I recognize
You for who You are, and
myself for who I am.
You are all goodness and the only source of all goodness.
You alone are life,
wisdom, and
Without You, I am empty,
weakness and need.

When I worship You,
I embrace the truth.
I admit reality and
align myself with it.
I align myself with You, in all
trust, and

When I worship, I admit that
You are the Creator, and
I am your creature,
born of Your deep love,
made in Your image.
You are Father of all, and
I am Your little child.
You are the holy yet human Son,
God made flesh, and
I joyfully wonder at the mystery.
You became entirely like me, so that I might become
entirely like You!
You are the Holy Spirit,
the life of God,
the love of God, and
the power of God,
ever among us and within us.
You are filling us even now, enabling us to
live like Christ and
love like Christ.

Praise to You, eternal Father,
Christ the Son, and
Holy Spirit!
Praise to You for all You are!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Worship Father, Son, and Spirit
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  1. I love the depth of the mystery of the Tri-unity, and at the same time the simplicity with which even a child can accept it without fully comprehending it. You are so right, Ken, to envelop this teaching within the parameters of worship rather than intellectual analysis, for this is what the entire Bible does, from the actions of Abel in Genesis to John’s rapturous wonder beholding the angelic heavenly hosts in the presence of the Lamb in the Book of Revelation

    • kenbible says:

      Very true. The trinity emphasizes the extent to which God wraps us in Himself.

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