A Hearing Heart

The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream at night; and God said, “Ask what you wish Me to give you.”

Solomon said…“Give Your servant an understanding heart.” (1 Kings 3:5-6, 9, NASB)

Solomon had succeeded his father, David, as king of a united Israel. David’s reign had been the golden age for the country, and now the young Solomon was stepping into his rather intimidating shoes.

God appeared to Solomon in a dream and asked him what he wanted from Him for this  huge new responsibility. Solomon was acutely aware of how unprepared he was for the task:

“I am but a little child; I do not know how to go out or come in. Your servant is in the midst of Your people which You have chosen, a great people who are too many to be numbered or counted. So give Your servant an understanding heart.” (1 Kings 3:7-9, NASB)

Solomon didn’t ask for wealth or success, health or long life. Literally, he asked for a “listening” heart, a heart that hears and obeys.

Father, that is what I want. I want a heart that hears You every time You speak, a heart that eagerly listens and follows wherever You lead. Truth is so little valued in our world. People shout whatever they want us to believe, usually to advance their own petty self-interests.

Father, You always speak the truth, in perfect wisdom and perfect love. When You speak, I want to hear every word. I want to listen and obey.

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