An Adventure in Christ

What is your attitude toward the future?
Are you fearful about what might happen?
Remember that God is with you and
is leading You.
Everything that comes to you, comes through Him.

Are you complacent?
Distracted from what is most important?
Realize that right now God is growing you toward Himself.
He is the eternal destiny toward which you are moving.
He is what is most important in life, now and forever.

Look at your life as an adventure in Him.
When we call something an “adventure,” we mean that it has
stresses, demands, dangers, and unknowns,
but it also has excitement and discovery of wonderful new things.
In our stories, adventures always end well.
Think of your life as an adventure in Christ.

Listen to this paraphrase of Philippians 3:12-14.
Make it your prayer:

“I have not yet obtained all God has for me.
I am certainly not perfect.
But I am pressing ahead to take hold of His full purpose for me.
Right now I forget what is behind me and
reach eagerly toward what is ahead.
I am determined to obtain all God has for me in Christ Jesus.”

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Lead Me On
Printed Music & Lyrics

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