Daily Needs

Give us…our daily bread. (Matthew 6:11, NIV)

God gives us what we need day by day. We are “daily” creatures.

Our families need us every day.

It wouldn’t be good enough if God responded to our needs only when convenient to Him. “At my convenience” isn’t good enough for our families either.

We’ve made a commitment to them. Whether they verbalize it or not, whether they realize it or not, they depend on us for certain needs. It may be to talk, to listen, to encourage, or to give help with daily tasks. It may be to simply be there, to spend relaxed time together and just enjoy being with them. When we fail in our day-to-day commitments, they suffer.

Don’t give leftovers to the people you love the most. Their needs are daily. Be there for them daily.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Happy Our Home When God Is There
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