John 15:16, 19

“You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit.” (John 15:16, NASB)

God chose us as He chose Israel in the Old Testament.
Our coming to God, our relationship with Him, was entirely
His idea,
His choice,
His purpose,
His intention, and
His doing, out of
His love and by
His personal sacrifice.

Israel proved unworthy of His choice.
God’s purpose for them, His destiny for them
was fulfilled only in Jesus Christ.

So it is with us:
our worthiness,
our destiny,
our chosenness
is in Jesus Christ alone.

Like Israel, we were chosen,
not for special privilege,
but for a special purpose.
We were chosen,
not instead of unbelievers,
but on their behalf,
so that God might
reach them,
bless them, and
draw them to Himself.
We were chosen, not because He loved us more,
but because of His burning, tireless love for them.
He chose us to show them how much He loves them.

We were chosen to be
His personal possession,
His special treasure.
We were chosen to be uniquely, totally His.
We were chosen to be holy,
to be set apart completely to Him.
We were chosen for a life of obedience.
We were chosen for a life of self-sacrifice,
just as was our elder brother, Jesus Christ.
We were chosen to be God’s children,
to live and love like our Father,
to bring Him glory and praise.
We were chosen to share the Father’s
seamless relationship with Jesus Christ,
now and forever.

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Hymn: Chosen in Jesus
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