Toward Your Leaders

This is the 23rd in a series of Friday posts on congregational song.

During a lifetime in Christian service, I’ve worked with thousands of others also in Christian service–ministers, ministers of music, and leaders of various types. I’ve worked for leaders, and I’ve been a leader.

Together we are as human and as imperfect as anyone else. We pray and try to keep our motives pure. Though we give our best, sometimes our job performance is less consistent than we wish. We try. We fail. Our abilities are narrow and are regularly stretched beyond our talent and training.

Yet the God who called us is faithful. Somehow He uses what we do to help people and to glorify himself.

When our humanity is apparent, don’t condemn us. Forgive us. Don’t gossip about us. We know our failures better than you do. Pray for us.

And when we do something that works marvelously, give God all the glory. He’s the only one who deserves it!

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