The Good Shepherd

John 10:1-18

Good Shepherd,
lead me through this day.
Call me by name,
and help me hear Your voice in my heart.
May I follow no voice but Yours.

Lead me out, Lord.
Always go with me and before me.
Lead me to Your provision for today:
Your bread,
Your work,
Your rest.

Good Shepherd,
You are the door.
Through You I enter into life.
You are always standing in front of me,
protecting me from the Evil One.

Good Shepherd,
You lay down Your life for me.
I am Your own.
The same knowing that binds You to Your Father
now binds me to You.

You are love.
Speak, Lord.
My heart is listening.

Listen…and sing if you want:
Hymn: Good Shepherd
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