This is the eighth in a series of Friday posts on congregational song.

Lord, as I come to You and think toward singing,
I hesitate.
I sense that my songs are unworthy of You.
They are, Lord.
All our songs,
all our understandings,
all our expressions are unworthy of You.

But You want my praise, Lord.
You ask for it.
And I remember that praise doesn’t come from my song.
It comes from me.
Trust doesn’t come from my words,
but from my heart.
True worship and submission don’t come from my singing,
but from my doing.

Holy Father, Son, and Spirit,
fill me with yourself.
Cleanse my thoughts.
Purify this temple completely, Lord.
Sanctify me to Your use.

Then make me a vessel of Your praise.
Make my entire life an instrument of worship,
giving glory to You throughout all the ages,
forever and ever.
Amen, Lord. Amen.

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