No More New Hymns?

This is the second in a series of Friday posts on congregational song.

Are you tired of the constant barrage of new Christian songs in a popular style? You’re not alone! Here’s a letter from one frustrated worshiper:

“Please! NO more new hymns. What’s wrong with the inspiring hymns with which we grew up? When I go to church, it’s to worship God, not be distracted with learning a new hymn. 

“Last Sunday’s was particularly unnerving. While the text was good, the tune was quite unsingable and the harmonies were quite discordant.”

This letter was written in 1890. The hymn that aroused the complaint? “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.


  1. Carol says:

    Loved the article. I feel that way sometimes. We don’t like too much change, for sure and I can see way back when, it wasn’t too different.

  2. Ken Bible says:

    A knowledgeable friend of mine says that usually change is perceived as loss, even when the change is from worse to better.

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