Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

This is the fourth of an eleven-part series on the Beatitudes.
Each part features a hymn to a familiar tune.

Father, we are Your people.
As we live in Your presence, You say to us,

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. (Matthew 5:4, NASB)

In what ways should knowing You, Lord, cause us to mourn?

We see this world, and we remember Eden.
We remember all You had planned for us.
Now we see all these people You created for Yourself,
into whom You breathed Your own life.
They are so very far from You, their only source of good.
They sin, they suffer, they cause suffering, and they die.
O our Father, we mourn for all that has been lost!
O God, forgive us!
We see all these dear ones, engulfed in grief and pain,
dying in the darkness every day, and
we mourn with You, loving Father.

We mourn our own sin.
We were like them, so far from You.
Evil filled our hearts and minds and hands.
You redeemed us, You bought us back at the price of Your only Son.
But even now as Your children,
our response to You is so cold and inconsistent.
We still think and act selfishly.
We are still fearful and mistrusting,
though cradled here in Your loving arms.
We are easily distracted from You and
so indifferent toward You.
We see You, glorious Father, and
we see ourselves, and
we mourn.

The nearer we grow to You, Father,
the more we mourn our separation from You.
The more we love You, the more we long to be with You
completely and constantly,
with no separation, no distance, no barriers, no veils,
nothing but You.

Father, You Yourself are the comfort for our mourning.
Your presence is fullness of joy.
You promised us Your Son, and You have given Him.
You promised us Your Spirit, and He is with us and in us right now.
You have also promised to live among us as our God and our Shepherd.
You have promised to wipe every tear from our eyes.

Father, we are waiting for that day.
We long for You.
We mourn for You.
O Lord, come!

Listen…and sing if you want:
Hymn: We Mourn
Printed Music & Lyrics


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