My Life Is Pain

Based on Psalm 39 

My life is pain, Lord.
I try to keep quiet about it
to keep from spreading my bitterness all around.
I don’t want to dishonor You, Lord.
But it boils in my mind,
and finally steam bursts out:

O Lord, help me to understand
how very brief life is—
for me, for all of us.
My life is a breath.
I live a few inches of time before You,
Almighty Creator.

We spend our entire lives here in vanity.
Like phantoms we hurry around
but do nothing.
We heap up wealth, respect, and goods,
only to leave them behind.
All is emptiness, O Lord—
vanity and emptiness.

What can I look to for meaning, my God?
I look to You.
I hope in You alone.
I accept my pain as from You, my Lord.
You use our troubles to correct us,
to enlighten us.
You turn all our efforts to nothing
so that we might turn to You.

I turn to You, Lord.
I am helpless.
I am in pain.
Everything else is emptiness.
I hope in You alone.

Listen…and sing if you want:
Hymn: Life Is Brief and Full of Trouble
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