God Works through Us

From Him and through Him and to Him are all things.
(Romans 11:36, NASB)

Almighty God, unlimited in power,
delights to work through His creatures—
through angels (the word simply means “messengers”),
through human beings of all backgrounds and personalities,
through families, groups, races, and nations.

He works through
children and the aged,
warriors and sages,
rich and poor,
the weak and the powerful,
through those highly respected and
through the despised and ignored.

He uses both
joy and pain,
vast epochs and fleeting seconds,
wisdom and inexperience,
sickness and health,
the obvious and the mysterious,
the ordinary and the spectacular.
(Many such distinctions flow more from human ignorance than from eternal reality.)

Why would such a God,
infinite in resources and
without weakness or need,
choose to work through flawed and troublesome creatures like us?

Because He made us,
He knows us, and
He loves us.
As He shares His work with us,
we share more fully in Him.
We experience
His power,
His love, and
the privilege of being vessels of His ever-flowing, ever-giving life.

He is like a grandmother who asks her two-year old grandchild to
help her make cookies.
She doesn’t do it because she needs help with the cookies,
but to bring herself together with this growing person
in a common joy.
They’re still grandma’s cookies,
but the two have shared
a precious experience,
a common purpose, and
a bond that will outlast the lingering sweetness.

Listen…and sing if you want:
Hymn: God’s Mysterious Ways
Printed Music & Lyrics

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