Focused for Ministry

I watched him sitting on the platform–tall, perfectly groomed, distinguished, yet warm and personable. He had been our pastor for only a couple of weeks, and I was sure he–like the rest of us on a new job–was trying to “fit in” and make a good impression.

But what was on his mind on a Sunday morning, moments before the service would start? Was he thinking about his appearance, or how he would present himself? Was he getting that great smile ready to go?

I remember hoping he was free from all that and was focused purely on listening for the Lord’s leadership. I wanted him to be prepared and sensitive, single-mindedly ready to speak God’s word for us and lead us as the Spirit directed. That’s what we need in a pastor. We don’t want to miss anything the Lord has for us. We’re not even interested in the pastor’s personal ideas. We just want to hear from the Living God and meet Him.

That made me think.

Don’t the people to whom we minister–in our homes, at church, on our jobs–have the same right to ask that of us? They don’t want us distracted by personal considerations or our own selfish agendas or ideas. Struggling, hurting people don’t care about our careers or our greedy egos. They need us to be single-mindedly focused on listening to the Lord and letting Him speak. That’s what they hunger for. As servants of God, that’s what we owe them.

Holy Spirit, we look to You. We are listening. Speak through us. Enable us. Love through us, precious Jesus. Glorify yourself through all that we are and all that we do. Amen.

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