Father, Teach Me to Pray!

Father, Jesus lived a beautiful life of perfect holiness and perfect love
by living in unbroken relationship with You.
Teach me to pray!

He stayed connected with You throughout each busy and demanding day.
O Lord, how I need that!
Teach me to pray!

He prayed all night when life demanded it.
Teach me to pray!

He only said what You told Him to say and
only did what You showed Him to do.
Teach me to pray!

He always spoke with wisdom and
with courage.
He said the hard things clearly and boldly, at the right time and in the right way.
He consistently spoke the truth in love.
Teach me to pray!

He was always at peace and
always sufficient for every circumstance.
Teach me to pray!

When up against the most difficult, the most painful trial anyone could face,
He didn’t flinch or avoid or complain.
He obeyed.
He moved forward through it,
walking with You even when You felt a world away.

O merciful Father,
I am weak.
I am needy.
I am inconsistent in thought and word and action.
How constantly I need the mind and Spirit of Jesus Christ!
Teach me to pray!

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