Compelled by Jesus Christ

Many others have written an account of what God has done among us through Jesus. They took their facts from eyewitnesses who were there, who saw Him, heard Him, knew Him, and worked alongside Him. Since I have investigated everything carefully and thoroughly, it seemed good for me to write an account as well. I have researched it diligently and put everything in order, starting from the very beginning. My goal was this, dear friend of God: that you may know for certain the truth about Jesus Christ. (paraphrased from Luke 1:1-4)

Luke was inspired and compelled by the amazing truth about Jesus Christ. Driven by that truth, he undertook the massive task of researching and writing a detailed account of His earthly life. He knew he wasn’t the first to attempt it, but that didn’t discourage him. He was a gentile, not a Jew (the only Gentile author in the entire Bible), but that didn’t deter him either.

Imagine the work, the determination, the organizational ingenuity, and the dedication to detail that it took to carry off such a task in those days. Jesus had been gone bodily for many years. There were no quick means of communication over distance; no phones or computers, no internet, no printing; little or no library resources. Travel was slow, difficult, and dangerous. No person or thing, word or idea could travel faster than a horse.

But Luke investigated patiently and diligently, investing years of his life. He talked to numerous eyewitnesses. He painstakingly assembled and organized the best information from the most reliable sources.

The result was a gospel account of unparalleled historical exactitude. Each of the gospels contributes something unique to our understanding of Jesus. Luke contributes historical detail and organization, as well as unique information about vital aspects of Jesus’ life, such as His birth, His prayer life, and the role of women in His ministry.

But Luke didn’t stop his research at Jesus’ ascension. He continued to trace the ministry of Jesus through His Spirit’s work in the early church. That unique research yielded the only historical account of the first thirty years of the early church: the Acts of the Apostles.

Luke could have had no idea how far his work would go through space and time. But he was inspired, compelled, and driven on by the marvelous truth about Jesus Christ.

The truth about Jesus compels me to write hymns intended to both inform and inspire, to draw people to Him.

What does the truth about Jesus compel you to do?

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