Why This Blog?

I’m writing to you for two reasons:

  1. I am passionate about the Living God. I want to know Him better, trust Him more simply, and talk with Him more through the day. I believe you want the same thing. We both want a more constant and complete relationship with our Father, in Whom we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). This blog will constantly work toward that goal.
  1. I believe I can help you nurture your creativity. For you, that may mean writing, composing, preaching, teaching, graphic arts, building bridges between people, or any one of dozens of other endeavors. Whatever your medium, the most natural and fruitful way to nurture your creativity is to nurture your relationship with the Creator of all. He delights to create through you.

Some days the emphasis will be on creativity, and some days on our personal life in Him, but it all comes from the same place and flows toward the same purpose: living in Christ and glorifying Him to everyone around us.

As for me, God called me to be a hymn writer. Can you believe it? The whole world wants nothing but praise & worship songs, and God calls me to write hymns! Talk about a mysterious God! At times I tried to get away from the call. I felt like telling Him, “But God, nobody WANTS hymns! Don’t You know ANYTHING about publishing?” But for 35 years He’s kept His thumb in my back, and now I’ve grown to accept and enjoy the uniqueness of what He’s given me to do. More about that at another time.

I’ve spent the last 37 years in Christian publishing. I’ve published a few books along the way, but most of my time and energy has been spent publishing church music. I’ve developed stacks and stacks of music for church choirs, soloists, ensembles, children, congregations, and more. I edited the current hymnal for the Church of the Nazarene, Sing to the Lord, and some years ago compiled Master Chorus Book, which has sold well over a million copies. People sometimes recognize my name from that familiar blue book.

But as much as I believe in music, and especially hymns, I’m far more passionate about God. He makes everything else meaningful.

I plan to write three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Mondays, at least, I’ll include a recording, music, and lyrics for one of my seasonally-appropriate hymns. You pastors, teachers, and worship leaders may find that helpful.


  1. Heidi Chi says:

    Thank you, Ken, for the work you do! I so appreciate your work, the hymns you’ve written and arranged, and the website. I use it often. Our congregation has been blessed by many of the lyrics you’ve written. Thank you for filling this need and following God’s call to be a hymn writer!

  2. Gloria Bible says:

    I am enjoying your blogs. God continues to speak his truths through you and it is amazing to see how God is reaching others through your life and the abilities he has given you.

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