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Praise to You, Our Father!

Luke 1:46-55

As you read the above passage, called The Magnificat, hear the joy and praise in Mary’s words. She realized that the coming of Christ proved that God was faithful to all His promises.

His coming shows that God is all He says He is and does all He says He will do. Praise to You, Father!

Christ’s coming displays our Father’s deep compassion on all our human weakness and need.

In Christ God pours out His grace on the unworthy and lavishes His mercy on we who don’t deserve it.

In the infant Jesus, the tenderness of our Father becomes flesh and blood. We can touch Him, and He touches us.

In Christ we see the power of our holy God to make us like Himself.

In Christ we sense God’s desire for intimate fellowship with us human creatures.

Father, in Jesus Christ we see You as You are! Praise to You! Praise and glory and thanks to You forever and ever!

Listen…and sing if you want:
Hymn: My Soul Exalts You, Lord
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