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Ultimate Urgency

A reflection on Revelation 22:6-16,
be ready

We are approaching the gate to eternity.

The end will come

The fate of each person will be eternally fixed.
The righteous will go to
complete, unending union with
the Source of all good.
The wicked will go to
complete, unending separation from
the Source of all good.
Heaven or hell,
blessed or cursed,
inside or forever outside.

Jesus had seen
earth and heaven,
time and eternity.
He spoke of His return and the judgment
with absolute, ultimate urgency.
His coming again was
the overriding reality that should determine
our every decision,
our every priority.
He urged us,
implored us to
get ready and
stay ready.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Second Coming Hymn
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The Fruits of Your Presence

A prayer response to Revelation 21:22 – 22:5,
the glories of heaven

Father, we will have no more need for a temple,
no need for a symbolic reminder of Your presence.
Your presence will be
We Your people will be Your temple.
You will live in and among us.

We will need no other sources of light.
You and Your Son will be the light, and
You will shine
within us and
in our midst.
We will glow and sparkle transparently
with the glory of Your presence.

Life will be
freely available,
We will live at its very source.
There will be no need to
horde it or
haul it in small doses.
It will flow in the water around us.
It will grow on all the trees.
Health and wholeness on every level will be
complete and

There will be no more curse,
no more shame.
Never again will we hang our heads and say,
“I am only human.”
Christ the Holy,
Christ the Glorious
is the new Adam, and
we are of His race.
We are His beautiful bride,
His chosen ones,
a blessing to all creation.

No longer will we be banished from the presence of the King.
We will see His face.
His name,
His character,
His glory
will radiate from us.
We will fully share
His life,
His authority,
His holy splendor
forever and ever.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: When Christ Our Healer’s Work Is Done
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