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Children of This Age

A reflection on Revelation 18:1-8,
the fall of Babylon.
See also Matthew 5:3-12.

See a picture of the people who displease God,
the children of Satan,
the people whom God will destroy.
See them
glorifying self,
serving self,
lusting for comfort and luxury,
clinging to this world,
seeking their meaning and security in this world,

See a picture of the people whom God blesses,
the people who will rule the earth forever,
the people who will inherit all His eternal riches.
Hear Jesus describe them.
They don’t grasp for earthly possessions, but are
poor in spirit,
meek and gentle.
They mourn what God mourns and are
hungry to be like Him.
They are merciful, and
they make peace.
They joyfully follow Christ, even when it brings persecution.

Such people are not children of this age,
doomed to pass away.
They are children of the living, everlasting God,
His heirs,
His treasure. 

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Hymn: Beatitudes Hymn
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