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We Wait on You

A prayer response to Revelation 14:6-20,
a series of visions

Father, a voice within me is screaming:
“We are tired of waiting!
God, it’s time for You to act!
You see what Your world is going through!
How can You just sit by and do nothing?”

“Lord, I am tired of waiting!
I am ready to act myself!
I have ideas!
I have big plans!
But when I ask You to guide and provide,
the only response I hear is

Father, I know what Your silence means.
Your silence tells me to wait on You.
Your Word tells me to wait on You.
My history of failure tells me to wait on You.
The saints of all the ages implore me to

So today I will simply be Your humble servant.
Today I will joyfully perform the little services
You give me to perform.
Today I will be loving and kind.
Today I will be faithful.
Today I will be prayerful.
Today I will listen for Your whispers
and obey.
Today I will remain fully available to You
moment by moment.

Father, Your ways are always wise, and
Your timing is always perfect.
I will wait on You.
We will wait on You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Waiting for Our Lord
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Wholeheartedly Yours

A prayer response to Revelation 14:1-5,
the 144,000 on Mt. Zion

Father Creator,
Savior Son,
Life-giving Spirit,
I am Yours –
wholeheartedly Yours!

My love is Yours.
As Your bride,
my heart’s desire is
You alone.

My life is Yours.
As Your creation,
each daily thought,
action, and
breath is Yours.
Pour out my life in any manner You choose.

My worship is Yours.
I want nothing else,
seek nothing else, and
serve no one else
but You, Sovereign Lord.
My heart, my mind,
my mouth, my hands
exist only to
fellowship with You and
glorify You.
My joy is Your presence.
My ambition is Your approval.
My destiny is to stand before You
among Your people,
lifting Your eternal praise with all creation.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Give God What Is God’s
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Grace and Peace

A prayer response to Revelation 1:4,
“Grace to you and peace, from Him who is and
who was and who is to come” (NASB).

Father, You are forever eager to pour out on me
Your grace,
the rich goodness and tender kindness that
I don’t deserve and
can never deserve.

You are forever working, forever reaching to fill me with
Your peace,
Your complete well-being.
You want to share with me and with all of us
the wholeness,
the harmony,
the uninterrupted, undiminished love that flows among
Son, and

This grace and peace pour from You,
who embrace
all time,
all being,
all past, present, and future
in Yourself,
perfect in power,
perfect in loving,
perfect in knowing.
You know me with an understanding that is
permeated with perfect love.

Father, today I receive
Your grace,
Your peace,
Your knowing,
Your all-encompassing embrace.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Holy Father, Only You
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