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Psalm 22

When Jesus prayed on the cross,
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”,
he was quoting Psalm 22.
This hymn helps us understand His prayer,
not as a cry of doubt,
but as a deep expression of faith
for life’s worst moments.

Printed Music 

O why have You left me,
My Father and my Lord?
My prayers hang unanswered,
My desperate cries, ignored.
Your love, pure and holy,
Is ever here and now,
A pure, tender wisdom,
Though sense cannot see how.

They growl as they circle.
They pierce my hands and feet.
They mock, laugh, and torture
With hatred soon complete.
O God, I am helpless,
But ever it is so.
I need You each moment –
O Lord of all, You know.

My God, still my Father,
I praise Your glorious name!
In light and in darkness
Your goodness is the same.
My song is Your greatness,
Your glory, my reward,
My Sovereign, my Savior,
My Life, my Light, my Lord!


by Ken Bible, © 2017 LNWhymns.com