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It Doesn’t Matter

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. (Philippians 4:11, NIV)

For many years I played volleyball or basketball almost daily. I was a mediocre athlete on my best day, but I wanted to play well. When I didn’t, when I made stupid mistakes, I was frustrated.

But eventually I realized that what was bothering me was of no real consequence. I realized that If it doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter. Once the game was done and life had moved on, no one else cared. No one around me was affected one way or another. If I released the question, it would be gone forever.

Lord, how many of my concerns still fall into that category: If it doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter. Help me to set aside these meaningless concerns. Free me from self-centered fears, and let love guide all my concerns.