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Dangling Threads

As for me, I trust in You, O Lord,
I say, “You are my God.”
(Psalm 31:14, NASB)

Father, I bring You all the dangling threads of my life.

I bring you that annoying little task that has me stuck.
I can’t move forward, and
I can’t walk away.

I bring you that matter where all I can do is wait.
I am totally dependent on someone else, and
they are in no hurry.

I bring you that huge project that I’m just beginning.
I feel swamped with unknowns and
in over my head.

I bring You that threat hanging over me
that seeks to steal my peace.

I bring you that unique idea, that deep desire
that has long weighed on my heart.
It keeps calling me,
pulling me.
It has never gone away after all these years.
Father, I believe You have planted it in me.
I believe You have set aside this task for me.
I’m convinced it would glorify You and
draw other people to You.
But every time I try to press ahead,
You seem to check me.
I feel nine-months pregnant,
but I can’t give birth.

And Father, I bring You that person
whom I love with all my heart.
They are so painfully, tragically incomplete.
O Lord, You know.

Father, I bring You all these dangling threads.
They keep my life unsettled.
They daily, hourly make me feel
ill-at-ease and
out of control.

Maybe that’s one reason You allow them to stay.
They keep me turning to You,
depending on You,
crying out to You.
You are the First and the Last,
the Source and the Goal.
You not only see the end from the beginning,
You are the ending.
All things are flowing from You and to You.
All things are complete in You.
At the perfect time and
in the perfect way,
You will beautifully finish everything You have begun.

I am a small-minded,
time-bound creature,
at sea in a world beyond my understanding and control.
You are sovereign, wise, loving, and just.
You always do what is good and right.

Father, I will wait on You.

Who are we that we should ask God,
“Why are you doing this?”
It is the Lord—
that is enough.
Let him do what seems good to Him.
Let Him wound or heal,
bring pleasure or pain,
give life or death.
He is always the Lord.”
(paraphrased from Francois Fenelon)

Hymn: I Cannot See the Light, My Lord

I Rejoice in Your Purpose Today

Printed Music

I rejoice in Your purpose today
Though the end may feel so far away.
I find peace in the love on Your face
And rejoice in Your purpose today.

I remember that You are the Lord,
And I feast on each promise I’ve heard.
What a strength when I stand on Your Word
And remember that You are the Lord.

Though confusion and struggle are all I can see
And I wrestle alone with my pain,
Lord, I know You are working this all for the best,
And my suffering is never in vain.

I rejoice in Your purpose today
Though the end may feel so far away.
I find peace in the love on Your face
And rejoice in Your purpose today.