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I Love You, Jesus, Savior, Lord

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I love You, Jesus, Savior, Lord,
But not for what I gain
Of all the unimagined wealth
Of all Your vast domain.
I love You, Lord, but not in fear
As hell slips into view –
That endless, hopeless pain and death
Of never knowing You.

But Lord, You showed a love for me
That I could not deny.
Your agonizing death, O God –
I knew the guilt was mine.
You called my name. I heard Your voice
And saw You face to face.
A love and mercy flowed from You
That words could never trace.

So how can I but love You now,
My Savior and my Friend?
You pour out love I don’t deserve
And cannot comprehend.
I worship You, Almighty God,
And love You as I sing,
For You are Love and Life and Lord
And my Eternal King!

by Ken Bible, inspired by Edward Caswall,
© 2000 LNWhymns.com.