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I Walk the Dark Emmaus Road

This hymn is a personal retelling of the story of
the road to Emmaus on the evening after the resurrection.
It centers on the irony of Luke 24:20-21,
“The chief priests and our rulers delivered Him to
the sentence of death, and crucified Him.
But we were hoping that it was He who was going to
redeem Israel.”
They didn’t recognize their redemption because
they didn’t recognize what they needed to be saved from.
It wasn’t the Romans.
It was their own sin.
Similarly, when disappointments and difficult times come to us,
God’s concern seems to be
not so much our circumstances
but us.

Printed Music

I walk the dark Emmaus road
With God so far away.
Despair has left me broken here
Too weak and blind to pray.

One comes to me I cannot see
And helps me understand.
Through passing sorrows now I know
A wise and loving hand.

When pain or loss consume my joy,
I cry for quick relief,
But God would treat a deeper need:
My fear and unbelief.

You know my need, You know my path
With all that lies ahead.
Stay near, my Lord, my God, my Host,
And break my daily bread.

by Ken Bible, © 2007 LNWhymns.com.