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God, I Need You

Hear my cry for mercy as I call to you for help.
(Psalm 28:2, NIV)

My God, I cry out to You from my smallness and darkness.
Help me, Lord.
Forgive my self-centeredness.
Take me to You.
Absorb my life into Yours.

I want You.
I feel the need in my heart and try to verbalize it
but don’t know how.

Come and take me, Creator Lord.
Come in and make me entirely love, eternal Savior.
Purify me in love,
not to please me,
but to please You wholly and entirely.

Swallow my smallness in Your greatness,
in Your length and depth and height.

Swallow my concerns in utter praise to You.
Swallow anxiety in thanksgiving.
Swallow wanting in giving.

Take me entirely into You, my Lord Jesus.

Father, we are so proud,
stubborn, and
small in this
wide universe of reality.
We search for You,
all the while we live and
move and
entirely in You.

Hymn: Living Christ

Living Christ

Printed Music

Lord, throughout my busy life
Our deeper life goes on;
Rising through this daily noise
Your rich immortal song.
Life in You,
Now in You!
Sing in me, O Living Christ!

Anytime I turn to You,
I breathe Your perfect peace.
More and more I find You there
As faith and prayer increase.
More in You,
All in You!
Flow in me, O Living Christ!

Seeing You, my Lord, my King,
With joy I take Your cross.
All I hold I leave behind.
My gains I count as loss.
Rich in You,
Loved in You,
One with You, O Living Christ!

How Can We Describe It?

from the book, ONE WITH OUR FATHER 

John 3:8; 4:13-14; 7:37-39

How can we describe the life of Christ within us?
The Bible says it is
like breathing the breath of God,
like a river of life constantly flowing in us,
like a deep, inexpressible joy.

We know this:
as we trust Him,
His life grows within.
His Spirit joins with our spirit, and
we become more and more like Him.
He lives in us constantly and forever, and
we in Him.

Father, when we seek Your best gifts,
You gladly give them.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Living Christ
Printed Music & Lyrics

Sing of the Living Christ

This is the 16th in a series of Friday posts on congregational song.

I thank God for praise and worship songs. For millions of worshipers, these songs focus our minds on God and His greatness. They give us a new vision of Him. They encourage us to respond to Him in faith.

The praise and worship movement has been the work of the Spirit of God. Praise to Him for His faithfulness in drawing people to Himself!

I also love the old hymns. Charles Wesley has taught me more and stirred me more profoundly than any other hymn writer.

And I love the new hymns. For decades I have studied, sung, and enjoyed the work of Fred Kaan, Brian Wren, Fred Pratt Green, Timothy Dudley-Smith, and others.

But still, sitting amid the wealth of all this great hymnody, so much remains unsaid and unsung about the Living Christ. We have not yet expressed His full reality, and the human spirit cannot be satisfied with any less. Our songs about Him will always be incomplete. They will forever be a work in progress.

Believers are too varied in personality and culture. God is too great and too far beyond all boundaries and descriptions. His purposes are as broad as human need and as rich as His own life. He is determined to permeate every aspect of human existence, now and forever. Thus He cannot be captured by any song or any one body of songs. Every new movement within the Church makes its contributions but inevitably falls short of fully expressing God’s glory, His magnificent love, and the wonderful possibilities of simple faith.

The more we know Him, the more we long to sing of Him and lift Him up before others. We long to draw them to this magnificent, merciful, intriguing, tender, eternally lovely Jesus Christ.

This is the joy of singing, leading, and writing hymns. Our generation, our children, our grandchildren, and uncounted generations to come can know Him better if we fill our congregational song with the Living Christ.