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Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord! (Philippians 3:1, NIV)

Rejoicing is joy that is dancing.
Rejoicing is faith as it sings.

Every time I turn to You, Lord,
joy rises in me.
You call me to joy.
You call me to be deep-down happy in every situation –
not because the situation is pleasing,
but because You are God and
You are always good.

You want me to rejoice in You!
When I do, I can rejoice always and
with all my heart.

Lord, I rejoice in You this morning
in the face of Satan’s temptations to anxiety and discouragement.
I rejoice that Your work is going forward right now,
in spite of all I see.
Praise to You, my God!

I rejoice that You are faithful to me every moment and that
Your Spirit never leaves me,
not for a second.

I rejoice that my whole family and every person I love is
in Your hands.

And Lord, I rejoice in the privilege of knowing You.
To know You is to trust You.
To trust You is to love You.
And to love You is to take pleasure in You and
rejoice in You continually.

Thank You, my Father!
Thank You for all that You are!

Hymn: Joy in Your Presence