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We Need You

John 14:10 

Our Father exalted,
complete in wisdom, power, and love,
forever good,
forever true,
we need You!

I need You.
My dear spouse needs You.
Each of our precious children needs You.
Our pastor needs You.
Each friend,
each unique member of my family needs You.
Everyone I know,
everyone I encounter,
every individual in this sea of humanity
needs You.

O Father, we need Your light in our darkness.
We need Your truth,
Your rightness,
Your glory shining through
our struggling and inconsistent lives.
Lord God, we need Your holiness.
We need Your peace.
We need the patient, selfless love that only You can give.

But Father, more than anything else, we need You.
Help us need You as Christ needed You.
He depended on You constantly and
trusted You with all His heart.
He was completely Yours,
so You were completely His.

Father, in Jesus Christ You are ours as well.
You are ours
as we are Yours.
You are ours as we
trust You,
follow You, and
simply, deeply need You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: We Need You, Holy God
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