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Make All Things New

Some of the most moving passages
in all of scripture are in
Isaiah’s prophecies of the new creation.
This hymn attempts to gather that
beautiful panorama into a hymn,
set to a familiar tune.
For Advent or anytime.

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Lord God, life’s only source,
Evil will run its course,
Leave earth a waste.
Love will make all things new.
Worlds will flow fresh from You.
Beauty now pure and true
Is but a taste.

Death is a brutal lord,
Wielding its sovereign sword.
Soon death will die.
Life will arise, unbound,
Life bursting all around,
Life, love, and joy profound
In Jesus Christ.

Finish Your gift begun.
Gather us all as one.
Make all things new!
Jesus, our Lamb, our Priest,
Jesus, Yourself the feast,
Jesus, with love increased
We wait for You!

by Ken Bible, © 2019 LNWhymns.com.