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Psalms 42-43

Two conjoined Psalms
are here set as
one hymn,
expressing the heart’s deep hunger for
the Living God.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

As Your creatures thirst for water,
O my God, I thirst for You!
How I long to drink Your presence
Through the day, in all I do!

When distracted, when discouraged,
O the hours I drift away!
O the fears and fruitless worry
When my heart forgets to pray!

Lord, You see each daily challenge
As my faith confronts my fear.
Help me trust You, God my Father,
Always faithful, always here.

Through the daylight, through the darkness,
Though the wait may seem so long,
I will praise You, I will trust You,
God my light, my hope, my song!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 LNWhymns.com.