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Pentecost Hymn

This hymn is
based on the Pentecost account in Acts 2.
The tune is familiar.

Printed Music

You’ve poured out Your Spirit, Great Father of Life,
Your presence, Your power, the Spirit of Christ,
The fruit of His triumph, the breath of His love,
The proof He has risen and reigns now above.

Your promise is given in wind and in flame,
With lives now ignited to burn in Your name.
Now loving, now holy, now bold in the truth,
Your body, Your people are one, Lord, in You.

We praise You, our Father, the Fountain of Life,
For comfort and challenge, for purpose and light.
In love we will share all the gifts You provide
That all may be blessed and our Lord glorified.

Your challenge is sounding. Our calling is clear:
To live out a gospel the needy can hear.
Lord, help us to go till all people have heard
And touch every life with the love of the Lord.

by Ken Bible, © 2004 LNWhymns.com.

Almighty Life

The Holy Spirit in Acts

This hymn paints a panorama of
the Holy Spirit
in the book of Acts.
It is a joyful picture of
the Spirit’s ministry
in and among us.
The tune is familiar.

Printed Music

Almighty the life of our risen Redeemer!
Almighty the Spirit of Jesus outpoured!
The wind and the fire are the fruit of His promise,
The sign, the assurance, the proof He is Lord.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Fill every person with all that You are!

Your glory, Your presence, Your power for service,
Your confident boldness through life and through death,
Your love and Your gladness, Your wide-open giving,
The wonder, the beauty of breathing Your breath –

You call and equip us, You grow us together,
Now leading, now teaching, now forming each one.
You help us to know what is far beyond knowing:
The life and the love of the Father and Son.

by Ken Bible, © 2000, 2019 LNWhymns.com.

By Your Breath

This hymn reminds us of
 the Bible’s wonderful truth:
by the breath of His mouth God spoke creation into being;
by the breath of His mouth He fills us with His Spirit; and
by the breath of His mouth He inspired all Scripture.
What a beautiful picture of
God’s personal, powerful love!

Printed Music

By Your breath, all creation;
You the Source, You alone;
Sovereign love simply speaking.
All that is is all Your own.
Then to us pure self-giving.
Into dust O what wealth!
Into earth, dirt and ashes,
Glorious God, You breathe Yourself!

By Your breath, Christ incarnate,
God and flesh fully one.
Glimpse in Him new creation,
Heaven’s promise now begun.
Christ in us – what a wonder!
Perfect peace, holy health,
Life complete, boundless being –
Into us You breathe Yourself!

By Your breath, holy scripture,
Spirit-born, Spirit-breathed,
Living Word, perfect wisdom
In Your loving heart conceived.
Father, Son, Holy Spirit,
Teach, correct, shape, renew.                  
Plant Your seed, ever growing,
Ever fruitful unto You.

by Ken Bible, © 2020 LNWhymns.com.

Ezekiel’s Vision

A Hymn based on Ezekiel 37:1-10

Printed Music

Breath of God, unbounded Spirit,
Sovereign power and mystery,
Holy fire, now recreating,
Cleansing, shaping what will be.
O Wind of God, great Breath of God,
Your life fills eternity!

Death consumes the world around us.
Bones now mock what might have been.
Hope is gone, and all is barren.
Can our people live again?
O Wind of God, great Breath of God,
Your power none can comprehend!

Breath of God, unbounded Spirit-
Hear the wind of heaven blow!
See them rise, a mighty army!
Watch His promise overflow!
The Lord is life! The Lord is God!
And soon all the earth will know!