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The Full Assurance of Faith

A prayer response to Revelation 11:14-19,
the seventh trumpet

Lord God, help us live in the certainty of
who You are,
in the full assurance of Your
perfect power,
perfect wisdom, and
perfect love.
Help us live on earth
as if standing before Your throne in heaven.

Help us
suffer, and
in the blazing light of
Your unchallenged authority,
Your unchanging goodness, and
Your unfailing faithfulness to
every detail of
every promise You have
ever made.

For such a sovereign God,
Your victory is now!
Our joy is now!
Your crowning as King of Kings and Lord of Lords is now!
Praise to You, Almighty God!

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Hymn: Hallelujah Hymn
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Your Kingdom Come, Father!

The mall near our house isn’t doing well. As a business person myself, familiar with the pain of financial struggle, I empathize. It saddens me to see so many store spaces unrented and so many shops crammed with merchandise but empty of customers. The mall’s attractive façade puts on a smiling face, but its emptiness sings a mournful song of failure and loss.

But today, Father, You whisper to me that this is the story of all our world. Separated from You, separated from its Creator and His life, His wisdom, and His power, this world is bankrupt. It is doomed to struggle, emptiness, bitter disappointment, and utter failure.

But I hear new management is coming to the mall, and they have a vision. They have a plan, and they are working. They hope to transform this shell into a bustling, useful, successful shopping area.

You are working as well, our Father. You have promised that You will transform our dying world into a new creation, overflowing with life, love, fulfillment, fruitfulness, and joy. We have seen You work before, and we know You always accomplish Your purpose.

Your Kingdom come, Father. Your Kingdom come!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Hallelujah Hymn
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