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God Is in His Temple

This hymn assures us that
always and
in every situation,
no matter how things appear,
“The Lord is in His holy temple;
the Lord is on His heavenly throne”
(Psalm 11:4, NIV).
The tune is familiar, yet fresh.

Printed Music

God is in His temple,
Just and holy Lord,
Just beyond our measure,
Rightness unexplored;
Holy God transcendent,
Wisdom high above,
Ever, only justice,
Ever, only love.

God is in His temple
Though the world is wrong –
Justice ever waiting,
Evil ever strong.
Wait His perfect timing –
Every knee will bow.
As we daily trust Him,
Peace is here and now.

Through all storm and struggle,
God is on His throne,
Love forever sovereign,
Blessing yet unknown.
God is always with us,
Good in all His ways,
Templed in His people,
Throned in grateful praise.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by LNWhymns.com.