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A Glance Backward

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”(Joshua 1:9, NIV)

Faithful, Faithful, Faithful.
I look back over my life, and
I am startled by the love I thought I knew.
You pursued me when I couldn’t see You in my darkness.
You whispered in my ear,
You clutched my heart,
then stood in front of me and declared that
YOU were God.
I knew it was true.
As I bowed, You gave me new life—
Your life.
I was warmed by the fire of Your love,
and in its light, I saw Your glory all around me,
leading me on.

You’ve taught me that
Your deliverance, Your forgiveness,
are daily gifts,
flowing from the fountain of Your eternal love.
Viewing my past journey,
I see only Your hand
guiding, teaching, holding me,
giving my life a consistency that is Yours, not mine.
The power of Your presence has
always, always, always been there,
though I only glimpse it now and again.

Eternally Faithful One,
make our bond of love and trust
as iron.
Make it a living cord from Your heart to mine.
Draw my eyes constantly to You,
making simple faith my every breath.
Great God of power and tireless love,
in every situation,
with every desire,
with all my energies,
be my God.

When we sense God’s
presence and
in a special way,
we are simply glimpsing
the unchanging God who is
always fully with us,
always good,
always working for our best
beyond what we can imagine.

Hymn: God Is Great, and God Is Good


O Father,
sorrow can either
separate You and me or
draw us nearer.

It can either
embitter me or
enrich me,
depending on whether I
trust You or
blame You.

Sorrow deepens the mystery of Your love.
But at the same time it helps me
better understand Your love.
It helps me
feel it, and
share it.

Thank You, Father.
Thank You for turning everything that comes to me into
a precious gift.

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Hymn: God Is Great, and God Is Good
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