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I Desire Only You

O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly;
My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You. (Psalm 63:1, NASB)

Father, I desire only You.
I trust only You.
I worship only You.
I seek only You.

In the morning, as I rise to work,
I desire only You.
As I drive to work,
with time to think or listen,
I desire only You.
At work, with decisions to be made,
I desire only You.
As I come home from work, weary,
where I have desired and sought
I desire only You.
In spare moments,
as I face each decision, each task,
I desire only You.

Facing the future,
in my home,
in my ministry,
in my daily life,
I desire only You.

Beautiful Father,
Eternal Father,
Holy Father,
in whom I live and move
and have my being,
I desire only You.

I am Your child.
I ask only one thing.
Father, I desire only

Father, we are like children who
ignore an incredible gift from a parent
because it is beyond their childish desires.
We lower our heads and
cling to our toys.
If only we realized what it means to
share Your life!

Hymn: Draw My Desires to You, Lord

Draw My Desires to You, Lord

A Hymn for hungry hearts

Printed Music

Draw my desires to You, Lord.
Draw every thought to You.
Absorb my heart,
My soul, my strength,
And draw my desires to You.
Lord, draw every thought to You.

Fill all my time with You, Lord.
Fill every hour with You.
Take all I plan
And all that comes,
And fill all my time with You.
Lord, fill every hour with You.